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“Show & Tell” is Back, And 50+ Crowd Has Hi Tech Ways to Play the Game


“Show & Tell” is Back, And 50+ Crowd Has Hi Tech Ways to Play the Game

Seniors Take Up’s Open-Publishing and Other Technologies in Record Numbers AARP Annual Expo to Become Lulu’s “Show & Tell Central” 

(Raleigh/New Orleans) - Sept. 17, 2012 - People 50+ are increasingly using open-publishing technology to put a more seasoned twist on ‘show and tell’ -- sharing their lives through photo books, memoirs and more in record numbers, according to

As it celebrates its tenth anniversary, the open-publishing pioneer reports that the number of Lulu books, calendars and other projects created by people 50+ more than doubled over the last five years, from 2007-2012. 

The surge reflects a broader trend. For the first time, according to the Internet and American Life Project, more than half of folks 65 and over are using the internet, up by 40 percent from 2011. That age group is keenly interested in reading, trailing only the 45-64 demo in book-buying.     

At AARP’s massive Life@50+ expo in New Orleans, Sept. 20-22, Lulu will encourage more seniors to get in the game with interactive tutorials on how easy and low cost it is to turn pictures and other content into everything from photo books and calendars, memoirs and more.  Seniors will also have a chance to page through existing books created by people like them. 

The “Show & Tell” booth’s interactive approach mirrors the customer focus that has made Lulu a destination for storytellers and book lovers for a decade. 

“People over 50, with their amazing stories to tell and memories to share, are rapidly and enthusiastically taking advantage of open-publishing,” said Sarah Gilbert, director of services at Lulu. “Seniors now ‘own’ the Web in many respects. Technology and tools there are not a barrier, but an enticement. At the AARP convention and around the world, the 50+ crowd has become a creative tiger ready to show, tell and roar.”

WHAT: Lulu’s “Show & Tell Central”: An Open Publishing Expo

WHERE: AARP’s Life@50 convention, New Orleans Morial Convention Center, BOOTH 2054

WHEN: September 20-22

WHY: People over 50 are using Lulu’s open-publishing tools in record numbers to create some of Lulu’s most popular titles

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