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Grandparents in Revolt: New Poll Shows They Want More Time with Grandkids

Grandparents in Revolt: New Poll Shows They Want More Time with Grandkids

Overwhelmingly, Grandparents Long for Family Togetherness -- But in Tight Economy, How?

(Raleigh, NC/Pensacola, FL) - Speaking with a collective wisdom that’s beyond reproach, grandparents believe family togetherness is the essential ingredient of holiday cheer, and want more time with their grandkids.

In a national survey* commissioned by open-publisher, 96 percent of grandparents said they consider the holiday season an important time for families to be together. And 90 percent said that during the holidays, they long to spend more time with their grandkids.

“If this is a grandparent revolt, it boils down to one simple demand -- more face time with the folks we love,” says Florida-based Frank Brueske, whose grandkids live in Illinois and California.

But with the economy tight, gas prices high and families spread far and wide, sharing time in person is not always an option. That’s where Lulu comes in. The ten-year pioneer in the creation of self-made photo books and calendars today announced the Family Photos for the Holidays contest with the goal of uniting grandparents and grandkids -- whether in person or in pictures.

“Aside from actual hugs, photos capture and convey love like nothing else, but we leave too many great pictures locked in limbo,” adds Brueske, a professional photographer who will help judge the contest.

“The reality is that most pictures will sit in hard drives and cell phones, and future generations 20 or 30 years from now will never see them -- unless we each decide to take action and free the photos!”

Bringing Love -- and a Contest -- to Life

For Lulu, which also publishes novels, memoirs and more, the contest not only quells a growing grandparent revolt, but hits a genuine emotional chord. “In all our years of helping people tell their stories in words and pictures, nothing surpasses the joy of giving a collection of photos that brings love to life,” said Donna Stear of Lulu, herself a grandparent. “All of this effort to connect families really started internally, with the people who work here wanting to strengthen their connections.”   

The Family Photos for the Holidays contest opens on Monday, Oct. 22. Contestants can go to to post shots capturing the joys of family togetherness until the close of Friday, Oct. 26.  Expert judges will then determine finalists which the public can vote for from Monday, Oct. 29 through Friday, Nov. 2.

At the end of the contest, (open to US citizens over 18), Lulu will announce first, second and third prize winners. Prizes include tablets (for keeping in touch), a top-grade camera (for capturing more magic moments), retail gift cards and a special Lulu ‘Creation Package.‘   

* - In October, Lulu commissioned the respected national firm of Public Policy Polling to survey a sample of 600 grandparents across the United States.

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